Watch & Wait

Being alert to your surroundings is the first and best thing you can do to keep from being victimized by terrorists. In the event that an attack does occur, you need to remain calm. Panic only adds to the confusion and increases problems.

Realize that our county and government agencies, public health, safety and law enforcement departments are working together. They are focusing tremendous efforts and resources on these issues. With each of us following their instructions with patience, calm and trust a sense of control can be obtained.

Sheltering in Place

In some disasters, authorities may direct you to shelter in place. If so, gather your family with their 72-hour Disaster Supply Kit and turn on the radio or TV to hear any Emergency Alert System messages that may be put out. If the electricity is out, begin using a battery powered radio tuned into Local Primary stations for Emergency Alert System… 104.7FM, 106.7FM, 99.9FM, 106.1FM, 1400AM, 1230AM.

Disaster Supply Kit 72 Hour Supply Kit

Store your disaster supply kit in an easy-to-carry container, like a duffel bag. Your kit should include:

  • Canned or non-perishable food items for 3-7 days.
  • One gallon of water per day per person for consumption.
  • Battery powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries.
  • 10″ crescent wrench to turn off gas/water lines.
  • First Aid Kit, prescriptions, sanitary hygiene products and diapers if needed, paper towels, toilet paper, candles and matches, pet food etc.
  • Clothes, shoes, and blankets or sleeping bags.
  • A bucket for sanitary use, can opener, ax, hammer, shovel, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Phone list and extra cash
  • Toys and books for children