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Click here for Unofficial March 14, 2023 Gooding Joint School District No. 231 Supplemental Levy Election Results for Lincoln County (Available after 8:00pm)

Don’t forget to register to vote! Pre-registering to vote helps to alleviate long wait times at the polling places! You can register or check your registration status at voteidaho.gov or by clicking the Idaho Votes banner at the top of this page! The pre-registration deadline for the May 16, 2023 Election is April 21, 2023!

Absentee Ballot Requests are only good for the voting year in which the request is submitted! Please remember to submit a new request each year you would like to vote absentee!

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Lincoln County Precinct Map with Commissioner Districts

Shoshone Precinct – Community Center, 201 South Beverly, Shoshone

North Shoshone Precinct – Shoshone City and Rural Fire Station #2, 704 W 620 N, Shoshone

Richfield Precinct – Richfield Senior Center, 130 S Main St, Richfield

Dietrich Precinct – Dietrich LDS Church, 181 S 650 E, Dietrich

Kimama Precinct – Dietrich LDS Church, 181 S 650 E, Dietrich


Changing Party Affiliation (§ 34-411A, Idaho Code)

For a primary election, an elector may change their political party affiliation or become “unaffiliated” by filing a signed form with the county clerk no later than the last day a candidate may file for partisan political office prior to such primary election, as provided for in Idaho Code § 34-704.

An “unaffiliated” elector may affiliate with the party of the elector’s choice by filing a signed form up to and including election day. The application form for an absentee ballot described in Idaho Code § 34-1002, may also be used for this purpose.

An “unaffiliated” elector may affiliate with the party of the elector’s choice on or before election day, by declaring such political party affiliation to the poll worker. The poll worker shall then record in the poll book the elector’s choice. After the primary election, the county clerk shall record the party affiliation so recorded in the poll book as part of such elector’s record within the voter registration system as provided for in Idaho Code § 34-437A.

 Party Affiliation Form



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