County government consists of  three County Commissioners, each representing one district. Their terms are staggered and the other officials are elected to four year terms.  In addition to three commissioners, the following are also elected :  Sheriff, Auditor, Treasurer, Assessor, Prosecuting Attorney and Coroner.  Lincoln County has an appointed Magistrate Judge.  The county is represented in the State Legislature by one Senator and two Representatives from District 25.  City Council governments exist in Shoshone, Richfield and Dietrich.  City Clerks are employed in Shoshone, and Dietrich.  School Boards are elected in three independent districts, each with an appointed Superintendent.  Shoshone is the County seat of Lincoln County.

Lincoln County Courthouse

 Lincoln County Commissioners 
 Roy Hubert (R)
Cresley McConnell (R)
Rebecca Wood (R)
(208) 886-7641

Lincoln County Clerk
Brenda Farnworth(R)
(208) 886-7641ext 101

Lincoln County Assessor
Linda Jones (R)
 (208) 886-2161

Lincoln County Treasurer
Ann Youts (R)
(208) 886-7681

Lincoln County Sheriff
Kevin Ellis (R)
(208) 886-2250

Clerk of the Court
Deputy Clerk Deysi Sandoval
Deputy Clerk Keo Kelley
(208) 886-2173

Chief Deputy Auditor/Recorder
Cindi Sievers
(208) 886-7641 ext 106

Election Deputy
Cindi Sievers
(208) 886-7641 ext 106

Welfare Director
Cassey Scott
(208) 886-7641 ext 104

Deputy Auditor
Judy Hudson
(208) 8867641 ext 135

Lincoln County Planning & Zoning Administrator
Mary Davidson
(208) 886-9808
Fax (208) 886-2027

Building Official
Joe Ruthledge
(208) 749-1028

Lincoln County Titles & Registration
Carole Race
(208) 886-7755

Lincoln County Driver's License
Chavawn Guthrie
(208) 886-9901

Linda Boguslawski
(208) 886-7672

Extension Office
Carmen Brasche Extension Agent
4-H Coordinator Mashelle Barlow
Office Staff TBD
(208) 886-2406

Emergency Medical Service
Larrin Sant
(208) 886-2452

Disaster Services Coordinator
Payson Reese
(208) 886-2452 Office
(208) 410-1738 Cell