Lincoln County Board of Commissioners

Regular Meeting Notice and Agenda

 Monday June 25th, 2018

Commissioners’ Room, Lincoln County Courthouse, 111 W B Street, Shoshone, ID


9:30a.m.          Board of Equalization___________________________________________

Terry Pennington       

 Regular Meeting


10:00a.m.        Claims, Minutes- Action Item

10:15a.m.        X

10:30a.m.        Executive Session- Legal; IC 74-206(1) (f)

10:45a.m.        X

11:00a.m.        PILT Conference Call update- Action Item

11:15a.m.        Animal Ordinance– Action Item

11:30a.m.        Beverage License Renewal-Valley Coop-Action Item


12:00p.m.                    Lunch- Lincoln County Care Center

1:00p.m.          Executive Session – Indigent; IC 74-206(1) (d)

1:15p.m.          Budget-P&Z, Indigent, Prosecutor

1:30p.m.          X        

1:45p.m.          X

2:00p.m.          Budget Work- Sheriffs, Auditors, Elections, Commissioners, Others

2:15p.m.          X

2:30p.m.          X

2:45p.m.          X

3:00p.m.          X

3:15p.m.          X        

3:30p.m.          Board Reports

3:45p.m           X

4:00p.m           Property Assessment Roll- Assessor Jones


“All times are Approximate and may be adjusted as appropriate”

There may be business from prior meetings that needs to be discussed.


Old/New business and Correspondence:  

Old/New business and Correspondence: 


  • Correspondence
  • Website Hosting-Change Over June 15th
  • Courthouse ADA-On Hold for new budget- Different Ramps
  • Generator Move
  • Roof Repair- Maintenance Shop


  • PILT Conference Call- June 19th- 1p.m.
  • ITD Board Meeting- June 21st– Shoshone
  • SISW Flipping the Switch- June 27th
  • Congressmen Simpson- VFW- August 21st



Next Meeting: July 2nd, 2018


NOTE:   Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions. However, if you are not on the agenda, you may not be recognized to speak.  If you would like to speak during the meeting, please contact the County Clerk’s office to be placed on the agenda by Thursday prior to the meeting.  Please contact the clerk’s office prior to any county meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend. (208) 886-7641