Lincoln County Board of Commissioners

Regular Meeting Notice and Agenda

Monday, December 6, 2021

Commissioner Trailer, Lincoln County Courthouse, 111 W B Street, Shoshone, ID

LIMITED PUBLIC ATTENDANCE- Livestream on Lincoln County, ID Facebook


9:30a.m.          Claims, Minutes

9:45a.m.          X

10:00a.m.        Executive Session – IC 74-206(1)(d)- Exempt Records –To consider approval/denial of indigency claims, Case(s) No(s). Action Item

                        Delta Dental Discussion Action Item

10:15a.m.        Action Items

WRSWCD Fund Request

Opioid Settlement; Janssen, Distributor, Sign-on

Server Backup Discussion: Clerk Sievers

Tax Cancellation Youth Center

Bats in Attic Discussion: Commissioner Hubert

Discussion on Ireland Bank Credit Card

Broadband Update & Letter for signature

Leap Project: Probation Office

Idaho Liquor Catering Permit

Quotes for Care Center Electrical Issue

New Hire for Court Clerk

11:00a.m.        Lawn Compost and Lawn Timer Discussion

11:15a.m.        Tax Meeting Review: Commissioner Rutler

11:30a.m.        Discussion on Rugs in Courthouse

12:00p.m.        Sheriff Office Move Discussion: Chief Deputy Wrigley


Old/New business and Correspondence:

  • Correspondence Dog Shelter
  • Neher Park Committee (Last Wed 6pm – Community Center) Review Lincoln County Ordinances
  • Addition to Care Center – Grant                Broadband Grant
  • Youth Center (1st Mon 5:30 – Youth Center) ARPA funds
  • Install Posts for House Numbering Courthouse Scope of Work
  • Electric Car Charging Stations ADA Parking
  • Sherriff Office Move





 All times are Approximate and may be adjusted as appropriate”

There may be business from prior meetings that needs to be discussed.



Next Meeting: Monday, December 13, 2021


NOTE:   Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions. However, if you are not on the agenda, you may not be recognized to speak.  If you would like to speak during the meeting, please contact the County Clerk’s office to be placed on the agenda by Thursday prior to the meeting.  Please contact the clerk’s office prior to any county meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend. (208) 886-7641