Lincoln County Commissioner’s

Overview of Duties:

The roles and duties of county commissioners are numerous and varied. Counties are complex organizations, operating literally dozens of distinct business functions, governed by 11 elected officials (or more, depending on the number of judges a county has) and overseen by a commission that acts as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government at various times. The job of commissioner is, therefore, necessarily complex. Commissioners must understand each level of their responsibility to effectively lead a county.




Lincoln County Commissioners

Commissioner District 1

Cresley McConnell

Cresley was elected in 2012 and began his county service in 2013.


He sits on the following boards:


Wood River RC&D

Search & Rescue


Magistrate Commission

Good Samaritan Clinic

STATE: Industrial Litigation


Commissioner McConnell is also the LC Deputy Coroner


Commissioner District 3

Roy Hubert

Roy was appointed by  Governor Otter in 2011, then elected in 2012. 

He sits on the following boards:

S. Idaho Solid Waste

Tri-County Weed

Good Samaritan Clinic

South Central Public Health



Commissioner District 2

Rebecca Wood

Rebecca was elected in 2014, to begin her service in 2015.

She sits on the following boards: 

S.Central Comm. Action

Region IV Development

S. Idaho Rural Development

LC Fair Board Liason

Juvenile Joint Powers Board

ITD Committee

Good Samaritan Clinic



208-320-1387 Home

  • Meetings: First 4 Mondays of every month.


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